Printed / Thermal Wash Care Label

Whether used as a main brand carrier, or for general size and fabric care information, printed fabric labels are a cost-effective, versatile option. In most of the cases, printed labels include multilingual information about the fabric, fibre content, fabric care and composition, additional care instructions - maintenance (washing, ironing, dry cleaning, drying, wash care symbols, special finish), size equivalents, order number, article reference and colour. Several methods are used during the production process of these labels: they can be double sided printed (printed on both sides), heat cut or cut ultrasonically for added softness.

There are three main folding styles, according to the place where the label is positioned: loop, end fold and mitre. Materials generally used for printed labels include: satin, cotton, nylon and resin. You can choose both the size and the colours for the required printed labels, so as to best fit with the product you order them for.

Materials Include:

* Acetate satin
* Polyester satin
* Self-adhesive paper & satin PSA
* Coated cotton
* Nylon

Printed labels are ideal where a lighter feel than the woven label is required. They can be made in up to five printed colours and on a variety of materials, varying from cotton and poly satin to paper and clear acetate. These types of labels can be cut singly, made on rolls, cut and folded, or even be self-adhesive.

We can turn these around in 12 to 24 hours **

The printed poly satin label is the perfect choice for the wash care label, whereas the self-adhesive clear acetate label lends itself to garments, bottles and boxes, depending on the type of adhesive used.