Swing Tickets / Sample Cards

The Swing Ticket tends to be the first identifier when the customer comes across a garment in the retail outlet. Using the right Swing Ticket and making sure that it stands out from the rest, both in quality and appearance, can make all the difference to a potential customer. When co-ordinated with woven labels and other accessories, the right Swing Ticket is an essential and eye-catching part of the sales process.

You may wish to consider some of the following elements:

* Colours
* Strings
* Papers
* Ribbons
* Card type
* Shapes
* Fabrics
* Embossing
* Plastics
* Laminating
* Eyelets

We at bob labels supply any quantity of printed swing tickets in any combination of colours. Our creative and reprographics team can develop ideas from scratch, or enhance an existing ticket design.

Variable data (size, colours, prices, barcodes) can be incorporated into the design, for a seamless finished look.


* Laminating
* U/V
* Embossing
* Foil
* Cut to shape
* Booklets
* Stringing
* Eyeleting
* Silk screen