Woven Neck Labels

Our woven labels are capable of being produced in up to thirteen colours, with the ability to create subtle - or sensational - effects. Using broad, needle and soft edge looms we can produce any number of textures and finishes, in a variety of materials.

Materials & Techniques Include:

Taffeta - Cost-Effective for basic labels, or as a foundation for more intricate weave designs
Satin, Velvet & Silk - A touch of luxury for prestige labels
Hi-Definition - Combining weaves and yarns for a soft, durable finish. Offering vibrant/colourful labels with good definition
Taffeta Higher DEF - Very fine detail and 'printed' like finish
Cotton - Mixing cotton and linen to create a 'natural' effect
Ultrasonic - For soft edge qualities

A good woven label is essential if you wish to enhance the feeling of quality of your garments. Using modern, sophisticated weaving equipment and advanced quality control systems we can assure you of woven labels of the highest quality at all times. We are able to bring your ideas to life in any size you wish and in a wide variety of stock colours. We can also dye threads for your woven labels to specific colours at a small additional cost.

Our woven labels production is based predominantly around 4 main qualities:

* High Definition taffeta
* Satin
* High definition satin
* Taffeta

But we are able to produce a variety of additional woven labels types if desired:

* Needle Loom
* Laser Cut
* Zip-pulls
* Tubular
* Self-adhesive
* Embossed Woven Patches
* Webbing
* Badges
* Ultrasonic cutting
* Woven Tags